Selection of historical engravings

An unique, exclusive and limited selection of engravings belonging to the historical series of the National Chalcography, in eight magnificent cases silkscreened in gold and handmade.

Four large format cases (Models A, B, C and D) with eight engravings from the Architectural Monuments of Spain collection, printed between 1852 and 1881. And another four smaller format cases (Models E, F, G, and H), with fifteen historical engravings corresponding to the series of Fish of the Seas of Spain (1780 1790), the Illustrations of classic literary works by John Flaxman and engravings by Pi i Margall between 1859 y 1861, the Botanical of Salvador Soliva and José Antonio Cavanilles (18th 20th century) and the Spanish and Italian Costume Collection designed by Tiziano
Vecellio himself and his brother Cesar (18th century)

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