Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, one of the most recognized artists worldwide, engraved between 1797 and 1799 one of the most acclaimed graphic series by the audience, Los Caprichos. With it, Goya introduces interest changes, from classic and romantic aesthetics to a new modern sensibility, making him a precursor of the first artistic avant-gardes. Influenced by his creative freedom derived from the end of the Old Regime, he reveals in a satirical tone the crisis and fissure of a new society and its values, responding to uncertainty, and revealing his concerns and distrust towards the human beings. 

This series makes National Chalcography one of the places par excellence for the study and acquisition of a unique series, last stamped in 1970 and of which from no new printing will be executed. With this, The National Chalcography presents a unique opportunity to acquire the latest original works of the Francisco de Goya’s graphic works.

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