Cuadros de los Reales Palacios

In 1789 the Company for the Engraving of the Royal Palaces was set up in Madrid with the aim of disseminating the magnificent artistic heritage of the old Spanish school in Europe, where it was not so well known.

King Charles IV authorised the Company to reproduce the royal collection paintings. The plates began to be opened three months after this authorisation by the best national and international engravers. Their artistic direction was carried out for a time by Manuel Salvador Carmona in engraving and Francisco Bayeu in drawing.

In 1812 the matrices were ordered to be deposited at the Royal Printing Works and four years later the Royal Chalcography acquired the plates, prints and drawings.

In the process of their creation, the Chalcography received a total of 50 of them and only 24 were published. One of the most important details surrounding the engraving work in this collection was the use of the intaglio technique.

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