Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, an international acclaimed artist, continued producing his excellent graphic work in a few traumatic years after the Peninsula War, troubled his being forever. Between 1814 and 1816, probably while engraving Los Caprichos Enfáticos, he began to work on one of his most enigmatic graphic series for its background, La Tauromaquia. Goya made public scenes belonging to the town's manners, which long ago became a popular festival. A work of magnificent technique, full of drama and tension thanks to the light and the visual space achieved, discovering scenes of fight between bull and bullfighter that put the viewer at a point of maximum tension.

From its last print in 1983, and the last as a result of the preservation of its original plates, The National Calcography offers this extraordinary series available to anyone who wishes to acquire one of the graphic works of the artist’s last stage. The emphasis on its enigma or the detail and preciousness of the movements achieved by technical perfection makes this work one of the most brilliant of the Royal Academy.

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